December 28 - ALE has completed a brace of jobs in the last few days.

In Mexico, the company's subsidiary skidded, lifted and positioned switches inside the Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Station.


The switches are six metres long and weigh more than 15 tonnes.

The operation consisted of three different manoeuvres - skidding of each switch up to its lifting position; a three metre lift by means of four SLS700 lifting units; and, placing the switch onto skidding tracks installed onto rafting beams skidding each some 25 m up to its final position by means of 2 skid shoes.

ALE Mexico also completed the installation of four chiller units in the nuclear plant.

Each is 10 m in length and had to be skidded, rotated and lowered by jacks onto permanent supports, along a total distance of 80 m.

Meanwhile in Portugal, ALE Heavylift has lifted a Deisobutanizer at Sines Refinery.

ALE Engineering carefully studied the manoeuvre as there were important space and time 

The module, 61.9 m in length and weighing 142 tonnes, was first transported from Sines Port to the refinery and then lifted into position.

The CC2800/1ALE crane used for the lifting was configured with an 84 m main boom and superlift counterweight tray.

This installation carried high risk says ALE as it was executed whilst the refinery was in operation.