January 13 - Zwaar Transport Twente (ZTT), a member of the Van der Vlist Group, has delivered a 30-tonne biogas generator from the Nordrhein - Westfalen area of Germany to North Lincolnshire in the UK.

The generator, which had the dimensions 15 m x 3 m x 3.2 m, was transported inside a container and delivered to a farm in Crowle.

The container was collected by ZTT on a semi low trailer and taken to Van der Vlist's head office in Groot-Ammers, where it was moved onto a vessel bridge trailer for the remaining journey, in order to keep the height of the cargo as low as possible.

A particularly low, grade 2 listed bridge about 1.5 km from the job site posed a challenge for the project management team, but after six hours of feasibility studies, checking dimensions and exploring possibilities, Van der Vlist confirmed that passing under would be possible.