January 5 - Jumbo has transported two huge ship-to-shore (STS) Kalmar cranes from Taicang, China to Cartagena, Colombia for Cargotec.

Since the STS cranes were too big to manoeuvre fully assembled, they were shipped in parts to be loaded ontoJumbo Javelin's deck and cargo hold and, in order to comply with safety regulations during the long sea voyage, special support and sea fastening structures were engineered for the cargo. 

The crane structures, weighing up to 1,000 tonnes per piece, reached 80 m above deck and protruded 30 m on the starboard side of the vessel. This specific engineering and precision planning made it possible for Jumbo to transport the two cranes in one voyage. The lower portal and upper structure of the first crane were lifted and placed on deck separately. The complete middle piece of the second crane was lifted on deck at once in a tandem lift. 

The supporting width of the cranes was bigger than the width of the vessel, therefore, special support constructions were created on deck and at the outside of the vessel. On top of this, the upper structures needed to be tilted to make sure the cargo didn't hit the water during sea transport. 

Jumbo calculated the optimum sea route to minimise the roll movement of the Jumbo Javelin to successfully transport the protruding cargo, which was delivered in Cartagena, Colombia safely and on time.