December 3 - Tradelossa has completed a project, which began in June 2014, to transport cargo for the La Rumorosa wind farm in the state of Baja California, Mexico.

In approximately 190 inland moves, the cargo, which consisted of components for 47 wind turbines, was transported by road from both Plaster City, California and Ensenada, Mexico to the jobsite.

Components delivered included: 14.5-tonne blades, each of which measured 54.9 m x 2.8 m x 4 m; 34.5-tonne hubs, measuring 5.5 m x 3.8 m x 3.8 m; drive trains, weighing 62 tonnes each and measuring 5.5 m x 2.9 m x 3.4 m; and nacelles, with individual weights of 70 tonnes and the dimensions 12.7 m x 3.2 m x 4.2 m.

Watch a video of the project below: