February 19 - Tradelossa has transported two modules for the oil and gas industry, weighing 216 and 395 tonnes respectively, over a distance of 10 km on double wide SPMTs.

The move was part of an oil and gas project in Veracruz, which Tradelossa has been working on for the past nine months.

The 216-tonne module was a water tank, which had the dimensions 20.3 m x 9.7 m x 9.85 m, while the 395-tonne module was a quench tower, which had the dimensions 35.8 m x 9.6 m x 9.7 m.

Due to the dimensions and weight of the two units, the path had to be modified prior to transport from the port of Coatzacoalcos to the jobsite.

HLPFI reported on December 24, 2013 that Tradelossa had transported a 275-tonne boiler for the same project.