January 24 - Project forwarders whose first language is not English and who want to refine their negotiation and business communication skills have the opportunity to undertake the Certificate of Achievement in Project Cargo Management course running in c

The orgnaisers say that the two-day course includes learning skills in a practical interactive way that will improve business presentations and responses to tenders that deliver win-win outcomes.

The ISO accredited training will be held from February 27-28 and blends the business communication training with project forwarding management exercises.

Professional and technical communication consultant and university lecturer Rodger Hall has developed business communication training models specifically for the benefit of project forwarders.

Hall says: "This training will strengthen communication skills and deliver a better understanding of persuasive techniques that are a vital part of successful business negotiations."

Co-trainer Kevin Stephens presents management tools for success acquired during more than 30 years project forwarding experience.

The two-day training course costs USD1,000 for individual students; USD800 for 2 - 3 students from the same company and USD600 for 4 and over.

The training is held in conjunction with the forthcoming Breakbulk Asia conference and exhibition and further information is available at www.ppgprojects.com