December 19 - Heavy transport provider Transdata has completed the delivery of 14 transformers to the Xingu substation in the Brazilian Amazon region, which will help transform part of the high voltage energy produced by the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant

Transdata completed the door-to-door delivery of six transformers, each weighing 219 tonnes and measuring 10.4 m x 4 m x 5.1 m, from a factory in Jundiaí, São Paulo to the substation; as well as the barging, overland transport and unloading of seven 332-tonne transformers and one weighing 219 tonnes from Outeiro Port to the Amazon region.

A bespoke jetty was designed to receive the transformers on the Xingu river.

The substation is part of the Xingu/Estreito transmission line, which will run for more than 2,000 km and pass through 65 cities and four Brazilian states to distribute power to the southern regions of the country.



Transdata has also delivered the first of 14 transformers to the Estreito substation in the state of Minas Gerais. The transformers are being delivered to the site via the Bandeirantes Highway, since this route required the least amount of reinforcement to be undertaken.

See a video of the first unit being transported below: