April 16 - CJ Smart Cargo International Services Ltd has transported an entire transfer press, with a total weight of 2,500 tonnes, from Europe to Chongqing via Shanghai.

The consignment had an entire volume of 1,500 cu m, consisting of nine out-of-gauge units, the heaviest of which weighed 152 tonnes and had a width of 5.3 m, along with eleven 40 ft open top containers.

The cargo was shipped on a heavy lift vessel from Europe to the port of Shanghai, where Smart Cargo completed Customs formalities and arranged for a 1,000 dwt barge to transport the nine OOG units to Chongqing.

Smart Cargo rented two 300-tonne capacity cranes to lift the heavy units from the vessel onto the barge, while the remaining open top containers were transhipped onto a river container liner for transport to the jobsite.

All of the cargo was discharged in Chongqing, before being transported by truck to the new plant site.