September 19 - Brazilian project forwarder and OOG transport company Transremo

In order to undertake the removal, Transremoção staff erected a self-propelled hydraulic gantry with a 500-tonne capacity as well as providing technical supervision, support teams and various special lifting devices and vehicles and cranes to help in the operation.

The kiln equipment weighed around 200 tonnes and measured almost 100 m in length. The transport required six vehicles and required some 2,000 man-hours from 25 staff members, says the company.

Created in 1966 Transremoção is a Brazilian corporation that operates in five business areas: transportation of special cargo with weight and dimensional issues, the provision of technical services in regards to the removal of machinery and equipment, as well as hoists, rigging, crane rental, and storage.

Transremoção's fleet of vehicles and equipment is very young with an average age of just three years and consisting of trucks, articulated trucks equipped with cranes, telescopic cranes, forklifts, hydraulic gantries, tractor trailers, modular axle line, among others, all equipment equipped with modern tracking systems that confirm the position of loads.