January 24 - Specialized Rail Transport (SRT) has handled three impressive moves across North America.

SRT coordinated with three railroads to move a pressure vessel in triple bolster load configuration from Texas to Florida. Once loaded and secured the vessel was transported via special train service to its final destination.

In Alaska, SRT delivered ten large combustion engines, each weighing 286 tonnes with a length of 14.3 m and a height of 6 m, for a new power plant, using its 20-axle railcar and 12.2 m long load deck.

In another power move, SRT delivered two large replacement steam generators for a nuclear power plant in Ohio, which had arrived at a Great Lakes port via a self-geared heavy lift vessel.

SRT coordinated with a railcar manufacturer to have four 12-axle railcars retrofitted with the necessary modifications to allow each generator to be loaded in bolster configuration, and protect them from damage.