May 1 - Tuscor Lloyds has coordinated the shipment of two out-of-gauge turbo generators, one from the UK to Altamira and a second from the UK to Veracruz.

The generators, each of which weighed 62.5 tonnes, were destined for sugar refinery plants in Mexico.

Each generator was transported in a bespoke wooden case from the manufacturer's plant in Peterborough to the port of Felixstowe using low loader trailers.

Tuscor Lloyds' project team worked closely with surveyors to ensure the 161-km journey was free from issues and delays.  Once inside the port the shipment was taken to the wire lifting area, while being escorted by police.

Ship-to-shore cranes loaded the generators onto mafi trailers that were then moved to the quayside. Flatrack containers were already in place onboard a waiting vessel, for the cases to be secured to.

The same ship-to-shore cranes loaded the cases onto the bed of flatrack containers, which were then secured using webbing straps, steel wire, ratchet straps and wooden chocks.

The vessel arrived at the port of Altamira after a 19-day voyage, where the first generator was discharged onto a waiting trailer for onward delivery. Two days later the vessel called at Veracruz, where the final piece was unloaded and prepared for oncarriage to its final destination.



A video of the project shipment can be viewed here: