July 10 - Tuscor Lloyds has transported a disassembled 137-tonne recovery boiler from Spain to Mexico.

The consignment consisted of five breakbulk cargoes and two 40 ft open top containers containing the smaller pieces of the boiler, which were collected in Madrid and Toledo and transported 418 km to the port of Bilbao.

The cargo was loaded onto a multipurpose vessel at the port of Bilbao. Some of the breakbulk pieces weighed more than 46 tonnes each, and required a heavy lift crane for loading.

Once on board, the cargo was secured using heavy-duty ratchet straps, steel chains and wooden/steel wedges, in order to keep all of the units safe during the transatlantic journey to the Mexican Port of Altamira.

In Mexico, the breakbulk cargo was unloaded from the vessel using another heavy lift crane and secured onto low loader trailers for transport to Monterrey Nuevo León, which is 1,194 km from the Port of Altamira.