March 26 - Fairstar Heavy Transport NV has signed a contract with Cantiere Navale Di Trapani S.P.A. (CNT) to transport and launch the chemical product tanker "Marettimo M".

The Marettimo M is a 6,400 tonne new build, recently constructed in the CNT shipyard in Trapani, Sicily. CNT has contracted Fairstar to work with Mammoet, a world-leader in ultra-heavy logistics solutions.

The Marettimo M will be rolled onto the deck of the Fjell using an array of Mammoet Self-Propelled Mobile Trailers (SPMT). After loading is completed at quayside, Fjell will transport the tanker to a sheltered location off-shore and partially submerge, facilitating the float-off and launching of the 
Marettimo M in Italian waters.

The total contract amount is approximately USD1.3 million and the operation is expected to require seven days. The Fjell is scheduled to arrive in Trapani on 17 May.

Mario Kerssens, Fairstar director of sales and marketing states: "Trapani is a one day sail from Malta. The project is an ideal window to put Fjell into operation before we move on to Angola for the Pazflor transport with DSME in June. The open stern, shallow draft and sophisticated ballasting capability 
of the Fjell provide the perfect solution to our client's needs".

Philip Adkins, Fairstar CEO added: "this is a great opportunity for Fairstar to work closely with Mammoet. High value, tailor-made transportation solutions are the niche where Fairstar has a competitive edge within the offshore heavy transport industry. Mammoet's ability to deliver the land-based side of this project was an essential component in satisfying the needs of our joint client. We believe there are a number of other complex projects in the market today that will challenge the combined assets and 
experience of our two companies."