December 5 - The float-off of the first yacht built to meet the strict requirements of the new UAE Large Yacht Code created for private vessels has been handled by TTS, the Dubai-based heavy handling, transportation and installation freight forwarder.

After fabrication at the ADM Shipyards , the 141 m yacht Yas, the sixth largest superyacht in the world, was placed onto 20 skidtracks for the skidding out onto one of Dockwise's Mighty Servant vessels.

Yas was placed on 20 trestles and supported by a total of 40 jacks of 300-tonne capacity each, part of the TTS -designed skidding system.

Utilising two 200-tonne strandjacks, the yacht was pulled on 18 points to ensure an evenly distributed pulling force along the width of the hull.

On the first day of operations, the superyacht was pulled to the edge of the jetty, a total distance of 25 m.

After repositioning of the skidtracks on the Mighty Servant, the yacht was loaded out over the side onto the Mighty Servant, a pulling distance of 30 m. All pulling equipment was removed from the Mighty Servant but the vessel remained supported on the 40 jacks, which would be submerged during the float-off.

High winds delayed the float-off by three days. The Mighty Servant shifted into submerging location, 60 m from the jetty, before submerging operations commenced.

Once the superyacht Yas was afloat, she was pulled back to the jetty utilising shore-based winches and the winches aboard the Mighty Servant.


Dick Holthuis Photography.