April 17 - Universal Transport has transported a gas container for a liquefied natural gas (LNG) filling station, from Decin, the Czech Republic to Mosjøen in Norway.

The 54 m x 6 m x 6.35 m gas container was lifted onto a four axle semi-trailer truck with two 11 axle trailers to transport the cargo to Decin on the River Elbe. This transport was supported by a four axle low truck as well as police and support vehicles.

At Port Decin, two crawler cranes were utilised for loading the 230-ton (208.65-tonne) gas container onto an inland water vessel for the transportation across the Elbe.

In a separate project, Zust & Bachmeier, part of the Universal Transport Group, has transported machine and plant parts for a plasterboard factory, to Bundaberg in Australia.

The equipment was manufactured across Europe, China and Thailand and in the three-month preparation phase Züst & Bachmeier coordinated with the international sub-contractors, as well as arranging the documentation for the import with the Australian Customs authorities.

Zust & Bachmeier used the Port of Brisbane as the central point of project loading. From there the cargoes were transported to the construction site, located approximately 300 km to the north.