March 1 - Züst & Bachmeier Project, a part of Universal Transport, has loaded two large Siemens transformers at the Port of Nuremburg, Germany.

The two transformers, which weighed almost 400 tons (362.8 tonnes) each, were loaded on two inland waterway barges using a strand jack system. Temperatures during loading were -17ºC.

Züst & Bachmeier Project received the transformers at the Siemens manufacturing facility close to Nuremburg and transported them to the heavy-duty logistics centre, situated in the Bavarian port, prior to loading.

The units were delivered to the Port of Antwerp before being transhipped onto a maritime vessel for onward delivery to Dubai, where they will be assembled into a relay station and redelivered to Germany for use in an offshore wind farm.



In a separate project, Universal Transport delivered four oversize structures for the HafenCity tube line extension in Hamburg, Germany.

Each structure weighed 56 tons (50.8 tonnes) and measured 40 m x 5.5 m x 3 m. The units were delivered to two separate sections of the construction site, requiring two different routes to be taken.

The first two bridge elements were delivered to the eastern construction section. In order to achieve this, the police had to block off the Köhlbrandbrücke - Germany's second largest road bridge. One week later the remaining bridge structures were moved to the western construction site.