December 16 - Germany headquartered Universal Transport recently executed a brace of project shipments: the delivery of an out-of-gauge turbine from Muelheim an der Ruhr to Taiwan; and the domestic transport of a 48.9 m column.

The Bremen subsidiary of Universal Transport moved a HP-manufactured turbine from Muelheim to Bremerhaven, where it was shipped to Taichung, Taiwan. Just one day after arrival at the Taiwanese gateway, the oversize unit was transported to its final destination in Taoyuan in the north of the country. A local partner of Universal Transport coordinated the Taiwanese leg of the project.

The turbine, which will be used in a power plant refurbishment project, was delivered door-to-door in just 36 days, said the company.



Meanwhile, Universal Transport's Hessian Gießen team transported a 50-tonne column used in the chemical industry from Thuringia into the Rhine-Main-area.

A truck and trailer combination consisting of a three-axle-tractor, a two-axle dolly and a four-axle trailer was used to move the 48.9 m x 2.5 m column. The column overhung the trailer combination by 7.2 m when loaded.

Prior to transport, Universal Transport completed a comprehensive route survey and identified a number of road furnishings that had to be removed to enable the oversize load to pass the route.

The 350 km route to the final jobsite was navigated over the course of three nights. En route, traffic signs were removed and traffic islands were reinforced using base plates. To negotiate the final stretch of motorway, the combination travelled down the opposite lane towards traffic, with the support of police escorts.