June 24 - Van der Vlist has transported two cement kiln sections from Magdeburg, Germany to a factory in north Lincolnshire, after flooding in the UK caused damage to one of its kilns.

The largest kiln section had a diameter of 4 m and length of 19.7 m, which meant that a vessel bridge trailer was required in Germany to comply with road transport regulations. The cargo was then transhipped onto an eight-axle semi low trailer for the UK leg of the journey.

The smaller piece, which had the same diameter but a length of only 2 m, was transported on a euro low loader for the full journey.

Both kiln sections were delivered to the port of Rotterdam, where they were shipped to the UK's Killingholme port.

For the journey from Killingholme, a private escort car was used to guide the 64-tonne larger kiln section through the narrow roads just south of the Humber Bridge.

Both sections arrived safely at the site, where they were lifted into place at the cement factory.