January 20 - The Van der Vlist Projecten team has moved a flight simulator from Berlin to Zurich.

n Berlin, a specialist team from Van der Vlist Projecten worked in partnership with a dedicated team provided by the customer, to dismantle the simulator cockpit, the base frame and the sight system as well as 17 tonnes of ancillary equipment.

The pieces were then packaged into five loads of 7 m in length, 6 m in width and 5 m in height and loaded onto Van der Vlist vehicles for transport.

Months of planning prior to the movement date ensured that all of the necessary permits and police escorts were arranged in advance to avoid any last minute surprises.

This forward planning also meant that the movements (which took place at night) were carried out swiftly and efficiently as potential problem items such as signposts and other street furniture were identified well in advance and could therefore be removed and replaced with little or no impact to local communities.

The transport and customs processing stage of the project was handled solely by Van der Vlist and only took three days in total to complete.

The final phase of the project involved installing the simulator in its new place of operation. Using the same team as for the dismantling stage, along with additional technicians, the installation phase took 21 days in total.