June 3 - Videotel Marine International, the leading provider of maritime training systems, has just launched an innovative new training module designed to aid the seafaring industry in its battle to reduce common ship board accidents and the tragic conseq

The Hazard Series II module makes extensive use of modern image techniques to grab the viewer's attention and shock crew members into greater awareness of their own safety and that of their colleagues.

Hazard Series II comprises 10 hard hitting short films designed to both shock and teach the viewer. Filmed using real crew doing real work, they graphically illustrate common errors and then show how, using correct procedures and working techniques, incidents can be avoided before they occur.

"Adequate training, safe working practices and good safety management systems all contribute to a safer working environment on board," says Nigel D. Cleave, Videotel's chief executive officer. "Videotel is committed to developing quality training that makes a real difference - both to the industry as a whole and to the lives of individual seafarers."

Aimed at cadets, deck and engine crew, students at maritime colleges and training officers, this new programme confronts the severity of some easily avoidable mistakes. It provides a fresh new approach to a variety of topics including working on deck in heavy weather, working aloft, electrical work and manual handling. The programme has been produced in association with The Standard P&I Club.

Chris Spencer, Standard Club's director of Loss Prevention adds: "The club prides itself on the quality of its service to its members and sets great store on responsiveness and support at all times. The club is committed to assisting members in reducing the number of accidents and claims. This is achieved through a programme of ship condition surveys, management risk reviews, publications, training focused on topical subjects and the club's safety and loss advisory committee which comprises senior technical and operational personnel drawn from a cross-section of the membership."

A promotional DVD is also available and allows the viewer to watch up to three of the ten films available. Accompanied by an E-booklet, each film has a chapter detailing the hazards and precautions that must be taken at all times.