March 5 - Volga-Dnepr Group has launched a new Engineering & Logistics Center (ILC) to focus on the creation of tailored services for complex worldwide transportation logistics projects.

ILC will specialise in two major logistics areas that combine the primary and secondary products of the Group.

The first area - 'Charter +' offers value added services to existing customers. This will include providing solutions such as autocranes at airports for loading/unloading large, heavy pieces of cargo, pick-up from warehouse and/or manufacturer locations and transport to the airport. 

Charter + will also arrange and supervise the design and production of special mechanical tooling necessary for specific cargo loading and transportation projects. ILC's additional services will include advice on various modes of transport, including expert evaluation of cargo packaging for air carriage.

The second area will be the provision of a wide range of door-to-door delivery services. Integrated air charter transportation for outsize and project cargo will be arranged using the Group's own fleet of AN-124 and IL-76TD-90CD freight aircraft and, where necessary, airplanes of third party operators, such as smaller AN-26. Scheduled and charter cargo services will be operated by B747 freighters using the route network of AirBridgeCargo and partner airlines. ILC will deal with arranging multimodal logistics packages, including land and sea transport, as well as providing assistance with customs clearance and insurance.

According to the project coordinator, Konstantin Vekchine, implementation of this business initiative will enable Volga-Dnepr to essentially expand its niche in the transport and logistic market. He said: "These services will involve the use of all-inclusive logistics and engineering approaches, including in-house developments to meet the full requirements of our customers. 

As the key markets for integrated logistics services are situated in the USA and Europe, ILC will be based at the Volga-Dnepr UK headquarters at London Stansted. ILC will also concentrate on promoting its services in Russia, taking into account the dynamically growing transport needs of the Russian market.