January 11 - Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logisitics (WWL) has opened a ro-ro processing facility at Jurong Port for heavy equipment manufacturers.

WWL has signed a long term lease agreement with Singapore's Jurong Port to develop and manage the on-dock processing centre that will cater to manufacturers of heavy rolling equipment such as agricultural, mining and construction equipment.

"Through this partnership, WWL will make extensive use of Jurong Port's ro-ro capabilities. This will further enhance our strong relationship with WWL and will also strengthen our role as an international multi-purpose port operator," said Matthew Chan, chief executive officer of Jurong Port."

"With significant growth of heavy rolling equipment sales in Asia expected over the decade, Jurong Port is poised to become one of the highest quality ro-ro hubs in Southeast Asia," said Christen Schreuder, WWL's head of commercial in Asia. "Our ambition is to help equipment manufacturers reach these markets while reducing inventory carrying costs, shortening lead times, and improving product availability."

WWL will begin offering temporary storage solutions and light technical services this month. The facility will have a storage capacity for approximately 400 units, approximately 1,500 sq m of buildings for technical services and a total area of 18,237 sq m that can be further expanded as demand increases.

Over the upcoming 12 to 16 months, WWL will phase in a broader range of services for shippers of high and heavy cargo, including: inspections and checks, washing/cleaning, repairs/fitments, storage, preventative maintenance, PDI and dealer distribution.

The new Singapore facility is part of WWL's strategy to provide tailored 'factory to dealer' transportation solutions by offering a combination of five products (ocean transportation, terminal services, inland distribution, technical services and supply chain management) to auto and equipment manufacturers whilst covering both new and used products.

Including the new Singapore facility, WWL has a global network of eleven processing centres for high and heavy cargo, located at key portside locations in the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia, where the company offers its core technical services for heavy rolling equipment manufacturers: product prep, post-production, quality inspection/PDI, accessorising services, repairs (paint and mechanical), storage and inventory management distribution services (receipt and dispatch), and supply chain management.