May 15 - Estonia based Western Baltija Shipbuilding has launched the multipurpose cargo vessel Anetta.

According to Fjodor Berman, chairman of the board of BLRT Grupp - the parent company of Western Baltija - building vessels from scratch has been the ultimate goal of the concern for many years, and Anetta is the second turnkey newbuild it has completed.

The vessel measures 89.9 m long by 14.5 m wide and has a top sailing speed of 11.5 knots. The deadweight of Anetta is 4,600 tonnes and her maximum draft if 5.77 m

Anetta has two cargo holds with 10 pontoon hatches; each hold measures 2,875 cu m and is equipped with a movable bulkhead. The maximum load permissable on the cargo deck is 15 tonnes per sq m.

The vessel is designed for the transportation of all types of bulk and breakbulk cargo, as well as dangerous goods.