January 3 - In Ulaan Baatar, Westfracht Mongolia is the Worldwide Project Consortium's (WWPC's) exclusive member for Mongolia.

Westfracht Mongolia opened its own office in the city just one year ago to meet the fast-growing heavy project logistics needs of the Mongolian market, particularly in the mining sector.

Further information about Westfracht Mongolia's capabilities can be seen on the parent company's website:www.westfracht.com

Below is a photo, which shows Hans-Juergen Weyhausen (left), director marketing Heavy Load & Special Transport/Engineering and Installations from the Westfracht head office in Germany, visiting WWPC directorWolfgang Karau in Fuengirola, Spain to discuss the WWPC membership.

The WWPC is a leading global franchise network for project cargo forwarders with country/area exclusivity.