February 3 - Inaccurate information about the weight and dimensions of a shipment required some swift action from ADM Team Heavy Weight.

When the rotor arrived from Antwerp at ADM's terminal in Geel, it was soon realised that the machine's dimensions were not 8.0 m x 3.5m x 4.0 m and 75 tonnes in weight, but actually 13.5 m x 4.3 m x 4.4 m and some 20 tonnes heavier than originally stated!

That required ADM to store the machine temporarily at its terminal in order to arrange new permits to move the unit via the inland shipping option from Geel through the port of Strasbourg to its final destination at Belfont.

After transporting the machine from Antwerp to Geel, it was unloaded from the trailer onto the inland vessel using two mobile cranes.

ADM says that this illustrates one of the strengths of its ro-ro facility where two large mobile cranes can be accommodated on the quay wall.