September 17 - Finnish project forwarder Silvasti Logistics, a member of the Cargo Equipment Experts global network, is managing a contract to arrange for safe and timely delivery of four 100 GWh windmills from Poland and Finland to a mountain top in Nort

Scheuerle heavyweight transport equipment has been used to deliver the first item in the consignment: a 130 tonne windmill nacelle. Four nacelles will ultimately be transported from Loviisa, Finland to Uljaboda, Sweden by barge from Loviisa to Skelleftea and from there by road to Uljaboda where the Arctic Wind Project is being installed.

Each windmill requires 45m 12 piece blades from Poland. These were shipped to Skelleftea and from there also by road to Uljaboda. The journey from Skelleftra to the site measured 300km.

The headline difficulty of this transport was the hill climb to the top of the mountain; the climb was five kilometres in length and rose 330m, with the steepest segment rising at an inclination of 14 percent. The transport combination consisted of a 4-axle towing truck and 13 axle lines of Scheuerle InterCombi had to be supported by a large dumper truck in order to manage the climb.

The three other nacelles will be transported by Silvasti Logistics in the immediate future to complete the contract.