September 22 - The SC&RA has advised that commercial carriers applying for oversize or overweight travel permits in Minnesota and Wisconsin will now benefit from a simplified online process that allows for permits to be obtained simultaneously from the tw

According to the Minnesota Department of Transportation and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, the WINNDOT portal will simplify the permitting process and save time and money for carriers and the states.

The WINNDOT portal uses a single interface to coordinate data flow between the system's interface and the agencies' back-end permitting systems. To ensure a streamlined approach, each state receives only the application data appropriate to its particular requirements.

The two agencies maintain control over their respective internal systems, rules, processes and queues, while benefiting from the inherent efficiencies that result from automated collection of permit data, according to Ted Coulianos of the Minnesota Department of Transportation's Office of Freight and Commercial Vehicles.

The benefits of WINNDOT Portal to commercial carriers include: less time spent on applying for oversize and overweight travel permits; faster identification of acceptable travel routes; and the ability to make a single payment to both states, regardless of the payment types that each accepts.

For additional information about WINNDOT Portal, visit (Minnesota) or (Wisconsin).