December 17 - Singapore based tug and barge owner Winstar Logistic has deployed a 250 ft (76.2 m) barge for the transport of two large slug catchers, weighing 470 tonnes and 310 tonnes respectively.

The 470-tonne slug catcher had the dimensions 24.5 m x 8 m x 6 m, while the smaller tank measured 21 m x 8 m x 6.2 m.

The ballastable barge was first transported from a private terminal in Singapore to a berth in Kuantan, Malaysia, where pre-loading preparations were made, including ballasting and stability calculations and the installation of lashing points.

The cargo was then rolled onto the barge, fastened securely and delivered into the Tangga Barat gas fields in the South China Sea, where a floating crane lifted the slug catchers onto the designated offshore platform.

Winstar Logistic is a member of the WCA Projects network.