August 12 - Member of the Project Cargo Network (PCN) in Poland, Scandinavian Express has completed the transport of six bridge sections, each measuring 7.5 m wide, from Poland to Sweden.

The oversize sections were loaded on the ship Prima Ballerina in the Port of Gdynia and delivered to the Port of Södertälje, from where the units were transported by road to Västberga, ready for erection in 2017.



Meanwhile, PCN member in the UAE, Wilhemsen Ships Service (WSS), and member in Germany, Alexander Global Logistics (AGL), worked together to ship 22 units of ball valve equipment from Genoa, Italy to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.



AGL - which is also a network representative in Mongolia and Russia - also coordinated the movement of four fire trucks from Austria to Mongolia. The vehicles were shipped on a ro-ro vessel to China's Tianjin port, before being delivered to Mongolia by rail.

In a separate project, AGL shipped four diesel engines from the Danish Port of Fredrikshavn to Kaohsiung in Taiwan. Each engine weighed in at 115 tonnes with the dimensions 11.38 m x 3.25 m x 5 m.



Meanwhile in Malaysia, AGL also assisted with its first shipment of cargo to Johor for Petronas' RAPID project. Overall, AGL will deliver 4,000 freight tonnes of equipment to the project site from South Korea and two condenser units - each weighing 72 tonnes - to Malaysia from Spain.



PCN member in Chile - Integral Chile - began the shipment of 28 industrial fans from Europe to the Port of San Antonio for use in the expansion of the Santiago Metro. 



The Chilean network representative also coordinated the transport of a number of transformers for a wind farm project from China to Enel Green Power's site in Sierra Gorda. Each of the transformers weighed 109 tonnes and had to be delivered 370 km overland from the delivery port to the site.



Another PCN member in Italy, Titan Project & Logistic, handled the delivery of a Caterpillar 6850H wheel loader, weighing 18.4 tonnes, from Livorno, Italy to Montevideo in Uruguay on a Grimaldi ro-ro vessel.



Elsewhere, Gold Star Consulting - PCN representative in Finland and Russia - delivered cargo for a thermal power plant from Estonia to Yekaterinburg, Russia by road. The largest unit weighed 54 tonnes and measured 3.67 m high.