November 20 - China-based forwarder, Younger Niche (YNL) is staking a claim for the largest piece of equipment ever moved by road transport in ZhangJiaGang, Jiangsu Province.

The Global Project Logistics Network (GPLN) member says the item in question which measured 14m x 7.4m x 7.9m and weighed 86 tonnes, was moved by road from the supplier's premises to PuXiang port, ZhangJiaGang. The move, covering 30 km, took 22 hours to complete and involved the services of local ZhangJiaGang government, the police and officials from the department of electrical power. 

In order to reduce height the unit was transported minus cradles. Only when it was alongside the vessel was the unit positioned and secured in cradles. 

PuXiang port, a privately owned facility, was chosen as the load port as access from suppliers whilst still difficult was the closest with less overhead obstructions than other roadways to the public port. 

YNL were instrumental in obtaining berthing rights for the ocean carrier, a foreign flag vessel, at PuXiang port. 

The Global Projects Logistics Network (GPLN) is a major non-exclusive professional project logistics network of independent companies (including project forwarders and project charterers) who specialise in the movement and handling of international project cargo by air, sea and land as well as specialised lifts and the special handling of oversized, out-of-gauge and heavy lift cargo.