September 5 - BBC Chartering has taken delivery of its new heavy lift vessel BBC Amber, built at Jiangzhou Shipyard, China.

This 14,360 dwt ship currently sits at the top of the BBC's fleet renewal and expansion programme, offering lifting capacity up to 800 tonnes; via two combinable cranes which can lift 400 tonnes.

Svend Andersen, managing director of BBC Chartering said: "This vessel series programme aims at increasing the lifting capacity of our fleet now up to 800 tonnes. 

"For us this marks a significant step in our company's development of our ongoing quest to increase service levels, flexibility, and versatility, with modern tonnage at the core of the BBC Chartering operated fleet."

The BBC Amber is the first of 14 newbuildings that are planned to commence service for BBC Chartering over the next two years.

New features of this series are seen in a superstructure located on the forecastle of the vessel, hence providing an unobstructed view; plus a universal cargo hold that allows shippers to make flexible use of weather protected space some 83 m in length and 19 m in width.

Currently under construction at Jiangxi Jiangzhou Shipyard, China, one more ship from this series is expected to be delivered in 2011, BBC Amethyst.

Earlier this summer, the company also took delivery of BBC Fuji, the second of eight sister vessels that are being built in Xingang, China. Similar to its sister BBC Everest, this 9,300 dwt ship offers a lifting capacity up to 700 tonnes. "Some of our clients have already experienced this new vessel and appreciate the advantages of a compact size vessel with high lifting capacity. We are pleased to receive a lot of interest for this type," added Andersen.

BBC Bangkok is another vessel that was recently put into service this August, delivered from Dalian, China. This multipurpose vessel is also the second of eight vessels following BBC Bergen, which joined the BBC Chartering fleet in January 2011. This 8,000 dwt vessel with 2 x 80 tonnes lifting gear is part of the fleet renewal programme to which the company has committed. 

BBC Chartering currently operates more than 145 vessels and claims the single largest heavy lift fleet in the market with lifting capacities reaching up to 800 tonnes.