September 22 - Coyne Airways, the specialist carrier serving difficult markets such as Iraq and Afghanistan, has appointed Air Proxy as its first ever GSSA for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Air Proxy sees considerable potential in Coyne Airways' B747 freighter services from Frankfurt and Cologne to its Tbilisi hub, from which it serves Aktau, Atyrau, Uralsk, Ashgabat, Baku and Yerevan by regular IL76 and road feeder services. Air Proxy will link to the airline's Frankfurt gateway using its own well-established RFS from Tallinn (departing Fridays) and Riga (departing Saturdays).

Air Proxy managing director Maanus Mätlick said: "Coyne is an ideal complement to our existing carrier services, providing uplift to the Caucasus region for larger shipments, freighter-only shipments and large pieces that we cannot accommodate on passenger flights.

"Coyne Airways also opens up the Afghanistan market, which could be useful as Estonia is contributing to the multinational military forces. There is also potential business for Iraq. Both these markets command comparatively good yields."

Air Proxy was founded in 1995 and represents six airlines.