deugro has developed and launched its own web-based track and tracing software – deugro visiotrack.

The company has cooperated with a specialist IT partner to design and develop the software, which is a customisable tool that assists with the handling of each step of the supply chain – from requisition to site delivery, both on and offshore.

deugro visiotrack works with data from required parties and presents the information via customisable dashboards. Based on this data, the system offers real-time visibility of details, which deugro said increases efficiency, reduces cycle times and inventory levels, and mitigates cost exposure within the supply chain.

Christian Arndt, senior vice president, oil and gas logistics at deugro, said: “We have rolled out an IT system that provides extended advantages and value creation for every client group, whether EPCs, oil and gas producers, drilling contractors, oilfield service companies, mining re-supply, power generation maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) or low carbon energy industry. We believe that true value creation comes from enhanced procurement practices based on artificial intelligence as part of the solution.”

According to Tim Killen, executive vice president at deugro group, the company’s strategy is focused on having a digitalisation programme that meets client requirements and provides the best possible tools and skills in a digital environment.

“As a result of this collaboration and investment, deugro group redesigned its organisational structure and business processes,” said Killen. “With state-of-the-art IT architecture delivering consistent, high data quality and visibility tools deugro group is covering all areas of the supply chain.”