August 3 - Famous Pacific Shipping, the fast-expanding Asia-based NVOCC and freight services provider, has donned its best sporting kit to start deliveries of railroad equipment from China to Brazil to support fans of the world's greatest sporting festiva

The FPS office in Dalian is working with Chinese forwarding company Genertec International Logistics Co Ltd on this contract.

After securing the rights to hold the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games, government and state authorities instigated multi-million dollar investments in railroad infrastructure and rolling stock. Even before the Olympic Games, every one of the dozen cities hosting the World Cup matches are looking at investing in metro lines, tram lines and light rail networks. The state of Rio de Janeiro alone plans to invest BRL2.2 billion (USD1.38 billion) in the city's metro lines 1 and 2 by 2016.

FPS Advisory Board chairman Kettivit Sittisoontornwong says: "The world's greatest sporting event must be supported by a world-class transport system. Chinese manufacturers have won significant rolling stock contracts on the back of strategic railroad investment being undertaken by both state and national governments.

"FPS is on track to develop a first class logistics solution to supply this rolling stock to Brazil. We are at the starting line of a major contract that will eventually help to deliver sporting fans to both the world soccer championships and the athletic games."

Late last month, FPS Dalian officials supervised the loading of a trial run of rolling stock at the port of Dalian, China destined for the port of Rio de Janerio, Brazil. Genertec International is handling the oceanfreight ex-Dalian and FPS is managing the movement of the units from the manufacturing plant to the port.

The four carriages were despatched from the factory in China as a trial run for a bigger shipment of 120 carriages. The trains have a gauge of 1,600 mm. The equipment was loaded on a COSCO vessel for the 50 day, 13,716 nm sea voyage to Brazil.

 Ultimately 120 carriages will be shipped to fulfil the contract, with the final shipment expected to take place in February 2012.

Rio de Janeiro's metro system totals 48 km and consists of two lines with 35 stations. Line 1 runs from Ipanema to Saens Peña and line 2 from Pavuna to Cidade Nova.

Kettivit Sittisoontornwong adds: "FPS Dalian may not be accepting a gold medal on the winners' podium in 2016 but to the FPS group, every contract successfully concluded, is a win. We don't judge our results in bronze, silver or gold medals. That is for our clients to determine.

"We work from the ground up with the clients to determine the most effective and timely shipments of heavy mechanical equipment, assembly lines, high and heavy equipment and OOG equipment worldwide.

"Nothing will derail FPS Dalian in its efforts to support the delivery of this vital rolling stock to Brazil. I have utter confidence that this delivery will be completely successful."