April 14 - Fednav's Federal Patroller was welcomed into the Port of Hamilton as the first overseas vessel for the 2010 navigation season.

A reception aboard the ship saw representatives from the port and the Fednav HQ in Montreal welcome Captain Cezary Hawrylkowicz and the crew. 

Federal Patroller arrived with a cargo of steel which originated in Bremen, Germany. The importance of Fednav traffic to the port was highlighted along with the strong environmental programmes it has adopted across its fleet. 

"The environmental performance of our ships is always improving, but soon new regulations in New York State may prevent us from coming back in the future" said Fednav director, government affairs & regulatory compliance Marc Gagnon. 

"We are looking to the 2010 season to be one which sees a greater volume of international vessel traffic. Overseas tonnage, and in particular steel, is a good indicator of the prospects for the year", said port authority president and CEO Bruce Wood. The Hamilton Port Authority is advancing its strategic plan, with key pillars including business growth and strategic investment. Development plans for new terminal operations are underway in several areas of port piers. The marine mode is a vital component in delivering cost effective, efficient and environmentally friendly goods movement. 

The Welland Canal was officially opened on March 25, when the navigation season also began for the Port of Hamilton with the arrival of the first vessel and traditional top hat ceremony.

A special reception was held aboard to welcome the captain and crew. pictured left to right: Ian Hamilton (HPA), Dan Rodrigues (Hamilton Chamber), Captain Cezary Hawrylkowicz, Bruce Wood (HPA), Dan McKinnon (HPA Board), Marc Gagnon (Fednav) and Mike Kirkpatrick (FMT).