April 1 - Inchcape Shipping Services (ISS) has been appointed by Van Oord to provide a range of support solutions to an offshore pipelaying project at Rota Cabiunas in Brazil's Santos Basin.

ISS' support services will include the preparation of STV Finesse for the arrival and load-out operation of the pipelayer vessel Stingray and multi-cat boat Atlas at Guanabara Bay.

Additional services will include managing formalities with the port and maritime authorities, arrangement of permits, pilots, stowage planning and notices to airmen and mariners, as well as further husbandry services required during the three-month pipelaying project.

"ISS has demonstrated its global capacity as a strategic partner to the offshore industry and has a number of key contracts running simultaneously throughout the major oil production and exploration regions of the world," said Luciano Oliveira, senior general manager of ISS Marine Solutions in South and Central America.