March 7 - Jumbo's heavy lift vessel Jumbo Vision has carried a pipe laying ramp for Huisman from the manufacturer's quay in Schiedam, the Netherlands to Sovik in Norway.

The 465-tonne pipe laying ramp, which has the dimensions 21.9 m x 14.6 m x 33.6 m, is destined for the vessel Ocean Installer which is being fitted out at the STX Sovik shipyard.

Having consulted with Huisman's engineers, Jumbo decided to carry the pipe laying ramp on the tanktop and sail with open hatches to Norway, which created optimum stability, favourable acceleration conditions on the cargo and economical sea fastening, explained the company.

The ramp was loaded onto the vessel in the Netherlands by the floating crane, Matador 3, and discharged by another floating crane, Ugland, on a small berth right across from the Ocean Installer in Norway.