January 26 - Germany based Karl Gross Internationale Spedition GmbH has been granted certification as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO).

The accreditation means that Karl Gross is able potentially to benefit from preferred customs treatment resulting in faster clearance, and fewer physical examinations of shipments on behalf of its clients. The company successfully complied with all audits including the required financial standards, application of proper management and business procedures as well as meetings with operational personnel and physical inspection of workplaces. For Karl Gross, the entire certification process only took four months.

As a member of international heavy lift 3PL network the Project Professionals Group (PPG), the news has been welcomed by PPG general manager, Kevin Stephens who said the certification was well earned and ensured PPG members and clients could be extremely confident that working with Karl Gross meant minimal risk and speedy movements and deliveries of export and import shipments.

Karl Gross has a network of offices throughout Europe and Asia and specialises in moving cargo to and from Turkey and China. For further information visit www.karlgross.de