January 7 - Kuwait-headquartered KGL Logistics, in co-operation with AXL Logistics Karachi (AXL), has transported almost 5,000 tonnes of steel structures and building materials for a cold drinks manufacturing facility in Kabul, Afghanistan for client Alok

A filler machine for a bottling plant measuring 8.35 m x 7 m x 3.6 m, was moved from Germany to Afghanistan as part of the project.

The over-dimensional cargo was loaded in Hamburg before being shipped to Jebel Ali port, Dubai. The equipment was then loaded on a ship destined for Port Qasim, Karachi, Pakistan.

The overweight shipment then began its 1,500 km journey by road to the jobsite in Kabul.

Various challenges were presented to KGL Logistics-AXL Logistics during the project due to the size of the cargo and the security risks evident in Afghanistan.

The most direct route would have been the traditional Karachi-Peshawar-Kabul road but narrow tunnels and roads made the route impassable with the wide cargo.

After meticulous planning the filler machine was moved from Karachi to Kabul, via Kandahar. One particular tunnel presented a huge challenge to KGL Logistics-AGX. Two cranes were used to lift the cargo off the truck and hoist it 7.6 m to clear railway lines. The same cranes were then used to move the unit over the tunnel and to reload it back aboard the truck to continue its journey.

Furthermore, the 600 km highway linking Kandahar and Kabulhas a very strong militant presence and is regarded as one of them most dangerous routes in Afghanistan. Moreover, the highway is only 6.1 m wide in most sections, with many of the bridges only measuring 3 m in width. KGL Logistics-AGX was forced to construct bypasses in order to keep the over-dimensional cargo moving along the highway.

To avoid any militant influence the project was planned in two stages: Karachi-Kandahar and Kandahar-Kabul. Both legs of the journey used different transporters and security companies, and subcontractors were only given limited information to keep the project as secure as possible.

The project was completed in 45 days, on time and within budget.