November 7 - Two Liebherr LG 1750 lattice boom mobile cranes operated by H. N. Krane and Maxicraft have helped position bridge sections for the Freidrich Bridge over the River Spree in Berlin, as part of its refurbishment.

The two cranes were fitted with a 35 m SL main boom and 245 tonnes of ballast, so that they could hoist the bridge sections, which weighed a total of 210 tonnes, into place for their installation.

The newly installed sections widened the existing Friedrich Bridge, which is one of the main access routes to the Berlin Museum Island, from 12.5 m to 27 m.

The job was carried out at night since it was necessary to close the neighbouring transport routes and the River Spree waterway.

The bridge refurbishment project is part of a wider investment in the Museum Island, which holds Unesco World Heritage Site status.