A.P. Möeller – Mærsk is rolling out a new organisational structure and executive leadership team following the appointment of Vincent Clerc as its ceo. 


Image source: A. P. Møller - Mærsk; Vincent Clerc.

As HLPFI reported here, Clerc succeeded Soren Skou as ceo effective January 1, 2023. 

Maersk said the organisational structure is shaped around 15 areas of responsibility, while the executive leadership team has been formed to strengthen alignment across the company in preparation for its next strategic business phase. 

In addition to Clerc, the leadership team includes: Aymeric Chandavoine, president, Europe region; Caroline Pontoppidan, chief corporate affairs officer and general counsel; Ditlev Blicher, president, Asia Pacific region; Henriette H. Thygesen, chief delivery officer; Johan Sigsgaard, chief product officer – ocean; Karsten Kildahl, chief commercial officer and latin America, Africa, and West-Central Asia; Katharina Poehlmann, head of strategy; Keith Svendsen, ceo of APM Terminals; Narin Phol, president, North America region; Navneet Kapoor, chief technology and information officer; Patrick Jany, chief financial officer; Rabab Boulos, chief infrastructure officer; Rotem Hershko, chief product officer – logistics and services; Silvia Ding, head of transformation; and Susana Elvira Meire, chief people officer. 

Clerc said: “We face a challenging global economic outlook, a softening market and at the same time our customers are looking to radically improve their supply chains to make them more resilient and agile. This creates urgent needs as well as unique opportunities. To navigate through and beyond this environment, we will intensify our focus on cost discipline and service quality while increasing customer centricity, and decision power in the front line.”  

Maersk said the changes are effective as of February 1, 2023.