June 21 - Over the years in which Turkey has been investing in wind power generating equipment, Ankara-based Magdenli Transport & Trade Co has played a significant role in supplying that equipment.

Since 1998, over 1,500 MW capacity of wind power equipment has been erected in Turkey; and Magdenli claims to have transported 538.70 MW of this investment, an impressive 35.4 percent of all such equipment.

For this reason, Magdenli attended the WWEC, World Wind Energy Conference & Exhibition, the leading event in wind energy, held in Istanbul this week to meet existing and potential customers.

The three-day event provided a platform where the major players of wind energy technologies, industries and policies gathered to share the latest technologies and information effecting strategic decisions. Topics covered at the conference included grid connection, hybrid systems and small wind turbines, wind farm planning, onshore, offshore and stand alone, training and education.

Turkey has 80 GW of wind projects waiting for permission to commence and Magdenli has invested heavily in plant, machinery and staff to handle this trade, says the company.