June 4 - Ankara-based full service freight forwarder Magdenli is benefiting from a wave of Turkish public transport infrastructure investment.

The company, which has more than 200 staff at 10 offices throughout the country, is currently transporting 36 trams, each measuring 28.5 m and weighing 35 tonnes from Trieste, Italy to Istanbul.

In a second tramway project, the company is moving trams bound for the Gaziantep tramway project.

The first of fifteen 27.43 m trams, each weighing 34.5 tonnes, have been transported from Eskiºehir to Konya and Konya to Gaziantep. The south eastern town of Gaziantep will start to operate its new 12 km tram system in August 2010.

The line will be equipped with re-built ex-Frankfurt Duewag trams. The city has two central districts under its administration, Sahinbey and Sehitkamil, and the metropolitan area has a total population of over one million.

The company is involved with a further two tram projects in Turkey, including a two-year project that is continuing.

The company has also recently moved a 96-tonne mobile crusher measuring 8 x 7.8 x 2m from Velen, Germany to Afºin Elbistan via Mersin Port on May 2010.

According to Selin Magdenli, the company is currently picking up much trade from Turkey's booming infrastructure sector: "We are very busy at the moment. There is good business in wind turbines, natural gas and tramway investment," she says.