December 10 - Albert de Heer has been appointed new chief executive officer of Fairmount Marine.

Mr Albert de Heer has been working within Fairmount Marine for more than 10 years as managing director and has played, next to Mr Henk van den Berg , founder of Fairmount Marine, an essential role in its development.

In his new position, and as planned since Louis Dreyfus Armateurs acquired Fairmount Marine in 2007, Mr de Heer is replacing Mr van den Berg who has stepped down after several years of cooperation with Louis Dreyfus Armateurs.

From being a small towage contractor just a few years ago, Fairmount Marine entered the Louis Dreyfus Armateurs Group and became a totally integrated Offshore Ocean Towage company owning five very modern and powerful deep sea tugs, managing them under the Dutch flag.

These five ships were built in Japan and became important actors and very good performers in the Offshore Industry where safety, quality, expertise and professionalism are key elements. 

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