January 29 - Bedfordshire based NMT Crane Hire has taken delivery of the first ever 220-tonne capacity Terex Explorer 5800 all terrain crane, to replace its existing Terex AC 200-1 model as part of the company's ongoing investment programme.

The crane is designed so that the 70.2-tonne counterweight can be automatically rigged and no additional part is wider than 2.5 m to optimise transport, as well as carrying a 21 m two-piece main boom extension and an 8.4 m outrigger spread.

"For the benefit of our customers, it's important that the NMT fleet reflects the latest and best in crane technology, and there is no doubt that the new Explorer crane model is at the forefront of these developments," said NMT's managing director, Mark Ambridge.

The Explorer 5800 crane will soon be put to the test at London's Tilbury Docks where it will lift a 93-tonne dock crane in tandem with a Terex AC 250-1 all terrain crane.

NMT has also ordered two Terex AC 40/2L all terrain cranes, which will be delivered to its new Heathrow depot that opened this month.