June 10 - PPG (Project Professionals Group) has extended its service capacity across western and central Africa with increased representation from Afriglobe Shipping Lines in Nigeria and Ghana.

Afriglobe Shipping Lines is already a PPG member in Benin, Cameroon, Chad and Niger.

PPG general manager Kevin Stephens said the additional representation in Nigeria and Ghana would ensure the network was in a strong position to assist the delivery of over-dimensional plant and equipment for the energy industry and to meet the requirements of new investment in infrastructure such as roads, water facilities, airports, seaports, railways and telecommunications networks in the region.

"This appointment ensures the PPG network has strong local representation that assists clients to successfully deliver cargoes to sometimes very remote and difficult to access locations in a number of African states that others would find almost impossible to do," Stephens claimed.

Afriglobe Shipping Lines is heavily involved in project cargo, oversized equipment and heavy machinery transport with five years experience in heavy lift. Material moved includes construction and mining equipment, generators and engines, boats and yachts, turbines and oil rigs, rail cars and steel coils and pipes.

Afriglobe Shipping Lines is also a member of ACLA (African Cargo and Logistics Alliance) which is represented in 53 African countries and has a strategic alliance with PPG.