The Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA) will hold a preview webinar of its upcoming Bridge Safety & Accident Prevention online course on November 13.

The webinar will bring together three industry experts – Geno Koehler from the Illinois Department of Transport; Jackie Darr, North Dakota State Highway Patrol; and Steven Todd, SC&RA vice president of transport – to explain how companies, safety managers and drivers can prevent bridge and infrastructure hits as well as other permit violations.

It will incorporate elements of the upcoming online course, which has been designed by transportation professionals and state permit officials.

“Every year, bridge and infrastructure hits in the USA cause billions of dollars in damages,” said SC&RA. “Other permitting related errors such as running off your permitted route, overweight and other permit violations can cost your company thousands of dollars. Don’t let your company make these costly and perhaps deadly mistakes.”

Earlier this year, HLPFI spoke with the SC&RA about the growing problem of bridge hits in the USA. You can read more about this in our July/August 2019 edition.