TII Group has appointed Filippo Baldassari as managing director of TII Sales; he will serve in the role alongside Bernd Schwengsbier.

Bernd Schwengsbier and Filippo Baldassari

Baldassari has also joined the TII Group management board. He has previously been responsible for global sales for a leading manufacturer of asphalt plant and equipment with production facilities around the world, and also held various management positions at a well-known manufacturer of construction machinery.

Baldassari and Schwengsbier will work together to oversee the sale operations of TII Group’s subsidiaries including Scheuerle, Nicolas and Kamag.

Gerald Karch, ceo said: “With the sales experience of the dual leadership of Bernd Schwengsbier and Filippo Baldassari, the companies of the TII Group will further expand their leading role in the global market.”