April 9 - Tuscor Lloyds has added a Rio Grande office to its established network of offices and agents in Brazil, headed by Luiz Octavio Cavalcante.

According to Neel Ratti, a lot of press attention has been given to the burgeoning economies of an emerging group of nations - of which Brazil is considered amongst the strongest. The national government has crafted a sustainable economic model by allowing controlled foreign investment whilst promoting demand for local goods and services. This underpins local development, and creates surpluses for key global markets. 

In Rio Grande, Newport will house the state oil company's new oil platform, state-of-the-art shipyard services, and the largest dry dock in Latin America. Construction of the oil platform is now underway and Tuscor Lloyds is poised to carry out project and supply freight to these huge projects. 

Says Ratti: "By locating our new office in Rio Grande city, rather than Porto Alegre where most other forwarders are based, Tuscor Lloyds aims to capture business associated with the new industrial zone." 

Due to heavy subsidies and government incentives, other industries moving into the region include biofuels, biotechnologies, and micro electronics. Continuing investment by a coterie of companies within the agricultural, chemicals and plastics, heavy and light manufacturing industries; means that Rio Grande is fast becoming one of Brazil's most exciting and challenging regions.