September 16 - The UK P&I Club has revised and reissued the four booklets in its 'Book it Right and Pack it Tight' series.

First produced eight years ago, the guides, which explain how all those involved in particular stages of the logistics chain should follow the IMDG code, and work to its stipulations in preparing containerised shipments of packaged dangerous goods for carriage by sea, have been updated to embrace changes imposed by amendments to the Code.

The four guides were compiled by Richard Masters for the UK Club's Carefully to Carry Committee. They are designed for shippers and forwarders, shipping line booking staff, managers and supervisors of organisations which pack dangerous goods and fork lift operators who work inside the containers.

Random inspections of shipping containers worldwide reveal an alarming rate of non-compliance with the basic IMDG Code rules for packing and securing. Such non-compliance often can lead to serious accidents and risk large capital investments. 

Vice admiral, Sir Alan Massey, chief executive of the UK's Maritime & Coastguard Agency, urged that "only compliance with the IMDG Code will prevent future incidents and losses, and compliance can only be achieved through understanding."

The new books will be available in both English and Chinese.

The UK P&I Club is also offering a free mobile app with Exis Technologies, available for iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices, which complements the DG guides and provides easy access to information in the IMDG Code Dangerous Good List (DGL).